Is it spring yet?

It's been since September?! Wow! Ok, well let's see. Mom's always working. It's been so cold and icy that we haven't walked much. Since mom is always working its been great because she feels real bad about neglecting us so we make out with the treats. Bailey has gained 5 lbs though...

So a lot has happened. Last nice day we had a visit from a neighbor beagle who was just adopted from the pound. Yippee, another beagle on the block. She was sweet little thing but she gave us all kennel cough. Yep, for a few weeks we sounded like chain smokers. We were put on meds and Mom fed us honey too. yummy

Sad note, our kitty kitty brother Ed passed away. He was the cat that Bailey liked to nap, no she didn't roll over on him. He had cancer and was very ill for the last couple months. I would say that we'll miss him terribly but our attention spans are pretty small. As soon as he walks through that door we'll remember that he's been missing.

Did I mention that mom is always working?


Niamh said...

Glad to see you again! It is hard when your mom has to work all the time and neglects your blog.

Your friends,
Niamh & Ambrose

Arikbo said...

We know! We know! Where are her priorities?!? It's good to see you Niamh & Ambrose. :)

DogZoom said...

Your Beagle stories are amazing, we love them! We would also love you to introduce the Beagle breed to the world in our Breed Info Challenge!