The Grass is Always Greener

...on the other side... of the fence.

Haley the meat eater: There it sits mocking me. She brings her friends and they taunt me with their bunny smells and friskiness. I can only hope that someday, someday....

Bailey the heifer: I like grass a lot! It tickles me throat. Yumm

Peanut Warning

A couple peanuts aren't bad for a dog but apparently a pound of them can be. When mom was out mowing the grass I got bored and decided to pull a new bag of raw peanuts down from the counter. By the time mom came inside for a drink the bag was empty except for a couple. The vet said that many peanuts were too much fat for a dog and could cause pancreatic issues. I dunno, I don't understand it but the vet tried to induce vomiting. Not a fun thing. I don't care for her anymore.

Let me tell you..I was not about to give those peanuts up! It took me all morning to crack the shells open and pick the peanuts out. After all the mess and trouble all I gave the vet was a good burp. I'm feeling fine but mom now keeps the squirrel's peanuts in a high cabinet. Nuts!

Besides my peanut pigout, we're doing well but very busy chasing bunnies out of mom's garden. Here I am taking bunny duty very seriously.

Flower Butt Sniffer

I'm a tracker. I can tell where you've been, what you've eaten and what deep dark secrets you hide inside. Sure I might stick my nose in "innappropiate" places but I'm a dog..that's what I do. So it should be no surprise that I sniff flowers from the rear.