No, we won't go!

Ever have one of those days that you really don't want to go indoors? Mom is calling and calling, but we can't be found. {{snicker}} We know, see that she will try to lure us in and our daily romp will be over. Nooooooo! So we hide. We hide and wait for her to give up. We are not ignoring her. We hear her calling over and over, but darn if we'll be lured into the house...even for a cookie. Did she say cookie? The good chicken strip or one of those cruddy biscuits? She's peeked our interest. Ok, that's ok. We still have control.

Oh, Oh she's squeaking toys and hands are full of cookies. " Girls, Girls" she pleads,"Come inside. I've got cookies!!" We wait. We know there are better things to come. Silence.

Has she forgotten us? Given up that we will ever be indoor dogs again and now we are free to do whatever we please? Roll in gruesome goo and terrorize furry animals all night long? Have we won? Mom can no longer dictate! We can come and go when we please! I am beagle, hear me yelp! Gosh, those looked like the good treats though. I mean, we can always put mom in her place tomorrow. You know, real chicken strips wrapped around a rawhide. Yeah, it's getting kind of chilly out here anyway....


TWa76 said...

It is so unfare to use cookies to control us. We tryed that trick to mom that we would not come in and we didn't go when she called. She did get revenge to us. We did not get us in when we wanted. She was just looking from the window for an hour before asked us again to come in. So beware.

Slobbers Ressu & Lenni

Niamh said...

Sometimes the scents outside are even better than treats! Only come in when you feel like it. Drive your mom crazy.

Your friend,