Mom's First Alpine Strawberry

Hi Bailey, Here! It's a beautiful fall day today and I've so enjoyed soaking up those rays of sunshine.  Yesterday was a bit exhausting as we spent 50 minutes waiting to get shots at the veterinarians.  They offered us healthy little dog treats which we promptly spit on the floor & then threw mom a look.  Once we got in to see the vet, I was told I need to lose 5 lbs.  5lbs!!  I guess they have no appreciation for robust beagles.  I suppose they want me to look like Lou Lou the scrawny little beagle next door.  Duh, she has know she does. 

Speaking of my diet.  All summer my mom has been looking forward to harvesting little alpine strawberries from her plants, but there hasn't been any.  giggle I sniff them out like a oinker sniffing out truffles.  The sweet little berries are a perfect little snack while tracking squirrel smells in the garden.

Hmm, Hmm Good.

  I'm not cruel though.  I left one for mom.   <~~ fall bounty


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Heehee, that's so funny, we snarf all our Nanny's strawberries.......
...hey...maybe THAT'S why she doesn't let us round the back anymore! We have wild blackberries at the mo......mmmm!

Niamh said...

Healthy treats are so boring. I'm not surprised that you spit them out. Those strawberries look delish.

Your friend,

River said...

That was nice of you, Bailey! I like strawberries too. We're have a pretty warm fall here.

love & wags,

Anonymous said...

Very funny~ CJ