The Three B's

Mom says Baking, Butter & Beagles don't mix, unless you eat Beagles and that is just sick!

Mom forgot that we are a very agile breed that take advantage of unsupervised moments.  She left a stick of butter out on the table for baking & boy did it smell good!  You know what I'm saying?!? Pure butter, not that healthy veggie oil junk.  Within a couple seconds time, just enough for her to run the trash out, we had it snagged it from the middle of the table, unwrapped the stick and gnawed half of it.  Hmm, tasty but most of it slid across the floor leaving a slick goo.

Silly mom!  Does she not remember we have incredible tongues that stretch out 12 feet? tee hee hee I still remember the day we surprised her by jumping onto a kitchen chair, leaping to the kitchen table & then onto the counter.  We are like little billy goats but much cuter!  We share the same infatuation with paper too, although I haven't eaten any in awhile.  OOps Bailey just reminded me about the cupcake liner incident.


Niamh said...

Good job girls to steal that butter and mess up the floor at the same time. I think butter is delicious!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Ooo, bad doggies! At least Chihuahuas can't jump up on the table! Funny Story! Woof, CJ and the doggies.

River said...

Yep, that's a beagle talent. what a great treasure, too!

love & wags,