Greenies Dog Treats

Every time Mom goes out shopping it's a guarantee she'll come back with a new toy or a dog treat for us. Our favorite treats are Greenies. We love them!! A few months ago stories came out that they might not be as safe as claimed. So are Greenies worth the risk? I say, heck yeah, but Mom isn't so sure.

A few human folk have tested bits of a Greenie in a glass a water. It expands so it could create blockage. The legal problem for Greenies is they claim Greenies are 100% digestible which doesn't seem to be the case in some instances.

A CNN investigation uncovered 40 cases since 2003 where a veterinarian had to extract a Greenie from a dog after the treat became lodged either in the animal's esophagus or intestine. In 13 of those cases, the pet died.

Greenies A Dangerous Dog Treat

Mom says 40 cases isn't much......unless it's your dog. I figure I could choke on a stick or the stuffing from one of those cheap toys she bought me from wally world. tsk, tsk Really Mom, what were you thinking?

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