Beautiful Summer Day

What a beautiful day! Previously it's been rather humid and we don't care for the heat. Once 11 am rolls around we are in the living room zonked on the couch.

Today we have been enjoying ourselves outside while mom weeds & lays down mulch. I (Haley) decided that the new mulch needed to be tested for durability so here I am laying on a fresh pile.

Moms Note :
Having Beagles has been a new and fun journey for us. The experience has been so different from any other breed that we've owned. They are quirky, but oh so loveable. They demand a lot of attention and are eager sniffers. Walking has been a challenge. We take them for a sniff rather than a brisk walk, but more on that later. :)

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Snoopy said...

looking to stud AKC registered beagle with papers!