Table Top Dancing

Do I look like a b-a-d girl?

No! I didn't think so. I have a secret though. A deep secret. My name is Haley and I am a table top dancer. Do I do it for tips? No

I do it for chips!

Mom & dad left us alone with a container of pringles on the kitchen table. I could smell them! When on my tippy toes I could see the can sitting there, teasing me... So I had Bailey be the lookout while I worked at pulling the chair out from under the table. Biting the leg I would tug, tug,...oh not enough. I actually worked up a sweat. Finally! I got the chair out enough for me to leap from the chair onto the table. It's an old metal top table and my nails make a ding, ding noise across it a I try to pop the lid off the pringles can..

"They're Coming!!!", yells Bailey from the window.

Oh shoot. This not good. Not good at all. I must try to take the can of chips and hide them for later but shoot..oh, oh this table is so slick...... Then it happened. As mom & dad were about to enter the house I bolted. I lost my cool, I know. I leaped from the table onto the floor pushing the table and chips onto the ground with a loud CRASH. As I scampered off I hear dad, "WTH?"

Enters mom & dad..but nobody greets them...nobody.

Heavy wooden table lays on the floor sideways with a broken leg and chips everywhere.

Me? I'm curled up sleeping in the living room where I have been the whole time. damn cats


Oscar the Beagle! said...

Do you know I broke my Mams little vase with flowers in in exactly the same way. I was bored because my mam had to pick my human sister up from the grandmas house and was especially late in getting home (these women humans do talk!!!) I was curious to know what it was on the table and just thought I'd have a little sniff of it up close. Ooppps the minute I put my nose to it it shot off the table and smashed into a hundred bits.

Both Ruby and I managed to looK sleepy when Mam got back but I got the blame cos Ruby Roo can't climb that high - soooooooooooo unfair!

Anonymous said...

Oh, we are all too short to get on the table. I always wondered what was up there. That's a lovely photo of you, by the way...Dinky Daisy.