Full Moon

Behind the passing shadow
Glows that big illumination of light
Slowly it starts to fade
Until it is completely out of sight

Mom!! Bailey has her big butt in front of the tv again!

Hi Everyone,

It's me Hailey. I know it's been f-o-r-ever. Although we've been silent (well on the blog anyway) we've actually been having one heck of a summer. Like today I spent the majority of my morning tracking down a little black cricket. I know, I know. Busy! Then I have ground squirrels to chase, neighbors to annoy and let's not forget about all the cat butts that must be sniffed. I'm a busy girl with a full schedule. Blogging just hasn't been an option lately but I miss reading about all my furry blogosphere friends, so I'm penciling ya in right after redigging a hole in the yard, and before a quick butt scoot across the carpet.

me hard at work

We will try to be on more!

P.S - Enjoy the full moon tonight. {{howl}} Full moons have a way of bring out the wild animal in all of us. We'll be busy keeping mom from Ebay where she would probably be bidding wildly on a Adam Lambert troll doll. down girl down girl

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Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hehehe....Hailey, girl you're such a hoot....always make us smile :o)
It's good to see ya and glad to hear you've been enjoying the summer! We spent our summer with NO INTERNET which drove Mother crazy and had her camped out at the library instead of just enjoying the peace :o~
So you take your time.....enjoy your butt scoot and we'll see you soon....K?
Slobbers xx