The Dreaded Cone

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging at all. I've been a little under the weather lately and haven't been up to posting. Mom has a cone on me or an Elizabethan collar, as a friend likes to call it.
Whatever your name for it, it's degrading & humiliating. Mom tries to snuggle with me but then makes cracks about her little lamp shade head. :(

So what happened? Well, a few weeks ago I started limping and while inspecting my paw mom found an extra toe! It was big & pink, swollen from our recent long walks. I don't know where it came from but boy was it uncomfortable to walk on. The vet said it was a tumor and while inspecting my foot they found another one. The next day was a horrible one. I should have known something was wrong. Mom left me at the veterinarian clinic!! I was so scared but I was a good girl. The two tumors were removed, my foot was bandaged and then the dreaded cone was placed around my neck. There should be a law against cones on beagles. We like to sniff the ground and how are we suppose to do that with a cone on?!?

Mom kept me pretty medicated so I'm kind of fuzzy to what happened for a few days. I slept a lot and I remember Bailey standing over me very disappointed that I wouldn't play with her. Then the pain wasn't so bad and I got antsy. I hated the cone! I made every attempt to bash & chew it apart. Mom brought out the duct tape but it was no match for me. They don't call me Haley Hell Fire for nothing. I managed to break the darn thing beyond repair. Enough of the cone...

Soon I could take my sock off and Oooo there was my stitched up paw. I became engrossed by it and couldn't stop washing but fearing they would buy another cone I have left my stitches be. So here I am doing my time until the stitches can be removed but it hasn't been all boring. To my moms horror, I caught a squirrel yesterday and I most certainly would not drop it. Oh no no that's been a dream and I was so proud. Who cares if it was a little handicapped, blind squirrel?! It still took a lot of skill and I was so happy until it curled around my muzzle & bit into me. Ouch! Those things have teeth! None of my squeaker toys have teeth!! After a wild chase involving mom, max and ed the cat, the squirrel got away. I have several new wounds on my face but have pretty much forgotten my sore leg. :)


Matt said...

hi, great site on beagles. I have been owning beagles since i was 13. love the dog.

would love to consider trading links.

Anonymous said...

Oh Haley, what a terrible time you've been having. Our Sadie had a tumor on her foot too, and had it removed. Mom was so worried. She also found one on her lip and one on her ear and they were all taken off the same day. She had to wear a collar too and didn't like it either. Us poor dogs...And the squirrel incident, well that's just awful. All that trouble to finally catch the thing and it didn't want to be caught. Well, anyway, we hope your nose and leg are both better soon. Mom said she just heard you girls howling, and it's 5 am. You must be up, and here we're just going off to bed. Bark at ya later! The Dinky Dogs... Woof!

River said...

I hope you are cone-free now! Sorry you had to go through that. Hate those extra toes.

love & wags,

Arikbo said...

Thanks guys! :) Feeling much better.