We're Alive

Oh my, my, sorry about the blogging absence. Life has really been keeping us busy. Every since the new year Mom's been on health kick of eating really well & cooking all the meals. She's trying to lose weight & be healthier. Turns out its not so bad for us because we are her little helpers. We love to try to trip her in the kitchen so that she might drop a yummy morsel. Unfortunately, more carrots get dropped than anything. Why couldn't red meat be on her menu?

Then when we aren't cooking Mom's working or working out on those stupid machines. When it was really icey out she even decided to put us on the treadmill!!

So we just wanted everyone to know we're ok but life is a bit crazy now.

Meanwhile look what we found on ebay. Isn't that silly? A Beagle cookie jar...


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Thank Dog you're still alive....good to hear you're in for a healthier lifestyle this year....wow Feruary's almost over and you're keeping it up, that's great...more than our Mum has managed (she says are there any custard creams in that cute jar?)
So did you buy the jar? To keep your carrot sticks in? BOL!
Slobbers xx

Tee said...

Wooo! I thought the treadmill shot was funny ...

You're both extremely cute!

Can we be fur friends?

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog Woods

Niamh said...

Good for your mom that she is doing all that exercise. Carrots are ok but what about some chicken or cheese.

Your friend,

Arikbo said...

Niamh, a chicken and cheese diet sounds excellent to us. We'll let her know. :)

Tuffy, its so nice to meet you. We can't wait to sniff around your blog.

Dughallmor Beagles, pies lol...no! We didn't buy the cookie jar. Fierce bidding at the end. I guess everyone wanted it to keep their carrot sticks in.

Thanks for sniffing by...

Anonymous said...

Love the treadmill shot. Too funny. CJ