Balmy 30 Degrees

{{Sigh}}  Seems like a lifetime ago that I was supervising a doggy outing.  Gosh I miss that green grass, warm sun and lots of fresh smells.  After spending the last week in frigid temps today's 30 degrees feels warm.

Back to reality - Our pen is still covered with snow but with temps not in the negative, we were able to get out and romp a bit.  Fun, fun!

Afterwards I dried off in a sunny window.  What the heck is that noise?  Horrendous air flow disruption.  Sounds like a fur ball stuck in the furnace.

Oh, nope it's just Bailey.

Hope everyone is warm!

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Niamh said...

I've had so much fun in the snow, but I guess if you have it all the time it gets old. Glad that you got out for a bit of play time.

Your friend,