Cold, Cold Day

Oh, it's so cold today. I've spent much of it staring out the window hoping something interesting will happen. Mom says it's too cold to take our long walk but we may go for a short one just to get out of the house. Lots of snow on the ground and it's very icey but we still enjoy sniffing around.

Hey, I think I see that new neighbor cat.

Bailey has been on the couch catching up on her beauty sleep. She doesn't seem upset at all about the bad weather. I think she would be perfectly happy hibernating until spring.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more exciting.


River said...

It's cold here so we took a long winter's nap!

love & wags,

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hey girls, we have an award for you, come by and pick it up any time!
Slobbers xx

Niamh said...

I love the cold weather but curling up on the couch sounds good too. Hope you get out for a nice walk.

Your friend,