Happy Halloween!

The crunch of fallen leaves
under our eight paws

Bare trees silhouette the sky
the looming crow caws

Tiny ghouls & witches scamper
we watch them with glee

Plenty of goody filled bags
just waiting for Bailey & Me

We hunker behind the bushes
waiting for our prey

Unexpecting costumed tikes
lug their bounty for the day

We round the corner with wagging tails
and a boisterous Beagle Halloween Howl

Bags are dropped, and from tiny britches
comes a smell that is foul

Snatch the candy and off we go...

I said, off we go....

Bailey, quit giving that little ghoul kissies.

Oh heavens, we can't help it
we're Beagles you see

Even with naughty intentions
the love makes it tough to flee

Happy Halloween Everyone!

May you be blessed with a wonderfully spooky Halloween, tasty goodies, and many kissies.

wags and wiggles,
the two witches


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Oh, you gotta be the cutest pair of witches we ever saw!
Hope you got a big haul of goodies, Happy Howloween!
Sniffs & slobbers, your Scottish pals xx

i said...

Howdy! Hope you had a great halloween with lots of treats!

Niamh said...

Very cute in your witch hat. Hope you got lots of treats and no tricks.

Your friend,

Penny and Rusty Press said...

Hi Haley & Bailey,

I love your blog!! Your mom sounds just like my mom. The things they do to us... Hope you got lots of treats on Halloween!