Contemplating Halloween Costumes

Well, it's that time of year we love.  During the last couple days we've been keeping busy by chasing leaves among the fall shadows and occasionally helping mom with the garden chores.  It's been fun helping her dig holes, even where she didn't need any.  She says I have a more powerful dig than any helper she's had, but she was a little disgusted with me when she caught me sucking on a grub.  Shouldn't knock it till you've tried it!

So what's so great about this time of year other than the weather?  Halloween of course!  We love to watch all the little humans dress up in funny costumes but best of all, they carry treat bags.  Going house to house to beg for treats.  What a great concept.  So this year Bailey & I have decided to dress up as well.  We really want to get in on this treat thing.

Bailey is going as Beyonc√© Knowles.  No shocker there.  Bailey has that extra jiggle in her wiggle.  I was debating on Sarah Palin, one of the Munsters or a rapid Snoopy.  Hmm, the point was to get treats not scare anyone so instead I decided to go with cute.  What is more harmless & cute than a groundhog?

A beagle in a groundhog suit.

ta da

How do I look?  Oh, darn the eyeholes aren't lining up correctly.  I'll have to get mom on that.  Well, what to do you think?  Do you find yourself wanting to throw treats at me?

Uh, Oh ...Do you think this costume makes my butt look big?


Niamh said...

Do you have to wear the costume to get the treats? I like the idea of going door to door for goodies but not having to dress up.

Your friend,

Arikbo said...

Niamh, yeah I think that's what makes it special but we are all for begging door to door for treats (no costume required) all the rest of the days. :)