Mater is Missing

Through this crack in the fence we kept tabs on Mater (another Beagle) the neighbor dog. Every morning we would would greet each other with wet dog noses, a lot of wiggle and little talk.

Four days ago he ran after something late at night and we haven't seen him since. Humans were searching for him, calling his name all night, but no Mater.

We miss him. When we go on walks we walk a little further each time hoping to find our Beagle friend. We hope wherever he is that he is out of harms way.


Niamh said...

I hope you find your friend.

My person's first dog was a beagle so she is very fond of them.

Your friend,

Arikbo said...

Niamh, thank you for visiting our blog. Mater is a dear friend so we hope we find him too. It's so nice to meet you and we look forward to sniffing around your blog.

Many wags & wiggles,
Haley & Bailey