A Totally Organic Experience

Hi, Bailey here. Mom enjoys teasing me when I chew grass because I really enjoy it. Ever since I was a puppy I've had tummy problems and grass seems to help. I totally digest it, no getting sick, so it must be ok with my system. When the cats help themselves to the grass patch, they get sick. What a waste of good grass. I wish they would just leave my stash alone.


Sugar the Beagle said...

Hi Bailey,

Thank you for dropping by. It's nice to know another beagle friend =)

I would love to munch on some grass, but didn't have the chance to do so as we don't have a garden of our own.

My humans said that grass in public area isn't safe for consumption as they are heavily 'infested' with pesticide. I'm looking forward to a bigger home with a garden.

Sweet Licks,

Arikbo said...

Hi Sugar!!

Thank you for stopping by. Gardens are great but mom had to get rid of a lot of toxic plants once she got us because we like to taste everything.

many wags & wiggles,
Bailey & Haley