Meet the local raccoon aka Miss Squeaker Butt. We live near the woods so we see a lot of wildlife, because of this we are cut off from the back portion of the yard where the "bird" feeders are. Mom doesn't want us to get hurt or hurt anything. Good grief, how many times do I have to tell her that baby bird really did fly into my mouth?!?

Anyway, I must tell a tale of heroics, bravery and my mom says, luck. One day I ran out into our yard to see Miss Squeaker Butt on our side of the fence. What is up with this? I don't think so! I dashed after the big butt varmint and up a tree she went. I leapt into the air, grabbed her tail & yanked her back to the ground. Oh did she make noises! Mom too! After the third time Miss Squeaker Butt was getting rather cranky & bit my nose. It didn't even phase me, but at this point mom was grabbing at me, so I stopped. I was so excited I shook. I didn't even notice all the blood on my nose, but Mom did, and she rushed me to the emergency vet.

I was so proud of my wounds that the vet even commented. I am a warrior. The vet said I was lucky to be alive or have my ears in one piece because many hounds have them shredded from raccoons. After hearing that I think I'll stay away from them. Mom checks the yard at dusk now so I only chase Miss Squeaker Butt in my dreams. Oh yeah I am a warrior.


River said...

That was exciting! We've never had a raccoon--cows, woodchucks and a cat once. Raccoons are smart and mean. It sounds like it would have been quite a battle if it had continued so it's a good thing your mom was there. You showed you weren't afraid though and that's what counts!

love & wags,

i said...

Glad to hear your lovely ears weren't harmed though. Cute as they look, these raccoons sure can be dangerous eh?

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Thank goodness we live in Scotland- no raccoons! Love the blog :0)

Arikbo said...

Cows!! Wow, we wouldn't know what to do with a cow. We see a lot of raccoons but they are always on the other side of the fence. We've even seen skunks!

Thank you for visiting! It's sure nice to meet everyone. :)

many wags & wiggles,
Haley & Bailey