Kitty Kitties

When we walk there is a lot of sniffing going on, but we've been pretty good at keeping a good pace so Mom feels like we are getting somewhat of a workout. Unless there is a loose one we can pretty much ignore other dogs, but there are three things that really get are attention. We have to stand on point anytime there is a bunny, squirrel (we love watching squirrels. NUTS) and kitty kitties.

Mom doesn't understand why we are so fascinated by outdoor kitty kitties. See, we have a couple at home, but they are indoors except for venturing out on the patio. These kitty kitties are running around outside!! Our walks go something like this..

Spot kitty kitty. Go on point.

Why is mom still walking?!? Dig in heals. Start to whine.

Mom gives a little tug on our leash and says,"Come'on Girls. I know, I see the kitty kitty. Come'on now."

Dig in heals harder, "But mom there is a kitty kitty!!!. Must go over to the kitty, kitty"

Mom continues to walk and at this point we are grudgingly walking sideways. What is wrong with her?!?

We continue to look back until we've gone around the corner and then of course it doesn't exists anymore. On to new smell! In our neighborhood there are a lot of kitty kitties so our walk is fantastic!! At least for us.



Hi guys,
Found your blog through DWB and thought we'd drop by to say hello. We are two beagle bitches living in Tokyo. We do exactly the same thing when we see kitties! Actually Jazz has just hurt her paw by digging in too hard!

River said...

Hi, I was looking to see if there were any new beagle blogs up and found you girls! I hope we can be friends. I live with a bunch of rescued beagles and one dalmatian. Nice to meet ya!!

love & wags,

i said...

Just sniffing by from DWB to say hi! Nice to meet you.

Arikbo said...

Oh hello, hello!! Thank you for visiting our blog & thank you for including us on DWB. We can't wait to sniff around your blogs. Thanks again for the welcome.

many wags & wiggles,
Bailey & Haley